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Tom Zahoruiko - Founder, Principal

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Tom Zahoruiko has been involved in the design and construction of 10 successful residential neighborhoods consisting of over 200 homes in the past 30 years. Recipient of the Builder of the Year and Distinguished Service Awards, he is recognized as a responsible and committed developer and builder of premium quality, thoughtfully designed homes, unobtrusively nestled in environments that enhance the quality of life for the homeowners as well as the surrounding community.

He has worked with prominent conservation groups to preserve over 70% of all the land comprising his developments, assuring that over 225 acres of majestic hills, mature forests, serene meadows, productive fields, orchards and thriving wetlands will be enjoyed by future generations. His family’s roots in the Merrimack Valley reach back hundreds of years and have ties to farms, mills and community involvement at many levels.

Educated in finance, he eventually followed the creative call to conceive and create special places for people at all stages of life and interests to call home, which he considers to be the foundation of a quality life and vibrant community.

Team Members:

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Derek Zahoruiko - Acquisitions & Market Specialist


Phone: (978) 852-7201

Erika Zenevitch - Sales & Design Consultant


Mike Wall - Project & Compliance Administrator, CADD Specialist


Karen Zahoruiko - Executive Assistant, Design Consultant

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